William Faith

William Faith



William Faith became a familiar face on the Los Angeles music scene in the early eighties, as a member of a gawdy array of Glam and Punk Rock bands, under various different pseudonyms.

In January 1989, William (known then as Bill E. Bones) co-founded Los Angeles Gothic Punk outfit Wreckage with vocalist Tony Lestat. Wreckage frequented the L.A. club circuit, becoming a celebrated staple act in the L.A. Goth/Punk scene. In 1989 the band recorded a 7″ single, entitled Subway’s End, for Noise Pollution Records, which is hard to find, and even harder to listen to. The band went through as many members as it did problems, and in mid-1990s Wreckage became just that.

In July of 1990, as Wreckage met its end, William became a member of Mephisto Walz, an off-shoot of Christian Death formed by Bari-Bari. The band was still in need of a vocalist, and at William’s suggestion, his high school friend Christianna came on board, making the new formation of Mephisto Walz complete.

In November of 1991, the band entered the studio to record the now infamous Crocosmia album; a compendium of Mephisto Walz material new and old. March 1992 brought the band over to Europe for a tour in support of the album. The Crocosmia Tour began in Germany, the highlight of which saw the band performing at Germany’s prestigious “Festival of Darkness” in Hannover, playing to a crowd of well over 3,000 people. Following the tour, the band settled in Germany for a few months to record the As Apostles Forget EP, with world-renown producer Tom Jackson (known for his work with David Bowie and Iggy Pop). Also during this time, William was asked to appear as a guest musician on albums by German Techno-Goth icons The Eternal Afflict and the more guitar oriented Catastrophe Ballet. Mephisto Walz returned to the U.S. in August of 1992.

It was at this time that William Faith and Stevyn Grey were contacted by their friend Rozz Williams (Christian Death and Shadow Project), who requested that the duo contribute their talents to the recording of two albums by the legendary Christian Death. In September of 1992, Christian Death entered the studio to record The Path of Sorrows and The Rage of Angels, with William and Stevyn’s contributions placing their own unmistakable mark on these works. These albums were the first recordings of new Christian Death material that Rozz Williams had recorded since the Ashes album in 1985.

In October, with an explosive new line-up, the new and improved Shadow Project tore into the Dreams For The Dying tour with total abandon; the band received fanatical responses from loyal fans everywhere. The Dreams For The Dying tour yielded a large number of unforgettable performances – arguably the band’s finest.

Back in Los Angeles, with the Shadow Project tour over and Mephisto Walz on break, William began contemplating breaking off into different projects, seeking more diverse avenues of expression. In April of 1993, William was contacted by Andi Sex-Gang to complete a new Sex Gang Children line-up for a concert at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood. The performance, which was in support of the newly released Medea album, was well-received.

In late 1993, William Faith began to concentrate entirely on Faith and the Muse.

In 2011, William moved to Chicago from his native Los Angeles and formed The Bellwether Syndicate with partner-in-crime Sarah Rose.

As a Musician, William continues to explore and expand upon his love of musical instruments, and continues to broaden his horizons by occasionally appearing with other artists, having performed on recordings by Collide, Purr Machine, Frankenstein, and others. William has also been a live member of tweaker, the project of Chris Vrenna (formerly of Nine Inch Nails), the legendary Conflict, and ongoing collaborator with The Living Jarboe, the current project of former SWANS diva Jarboe. He has also released a CD with his punk band, Anima Mundi.


William continues to produce and record music for other artists at his home studio, Zone 0. In addition to his own work, William has produced and recorded music as well as remixed for for many artists, including Jarboe, In the Nursery, The Deep Eynde, L’âme Immortelle, This Ascension, Sunshine Blind, Element, Autumn, Penis Flytrap, Frankenstein, Malign, Wreckage, L’âme Immortelle, and others, with many more to follow.